Jared I thank God for bringing me this far. He has brought me out of the horrible pit and He has established my steps. God sent Pastor Magdalene to kehancha foursquare church just for me.

God sent His servant Pastor Magdalene to Kenya in foursquare church in kehancha Kuria in nyanza province in the boarder of Kenya and Tanzania where she came to spread the Gospel and through that I got a greatest miracle.

I joined the ministry of The new Anointing Church immediately and since then God has used His servant to help me as I write this email, the church has sponsored me to go to college and the ministry is also taking care of my family which includes paying school fees for my brother.

I now live in Nairobi, where I go to college, I thank God for providing for all my needs. I have grown spiritually, I will never look back God has made me to be who I am today. I also thank God because since I changed my environment to Nairobi which is the capital city of Kenya I have never fallen sick because I used to be so sick in the past.

I also thank God because he started my journey to London and I believe and I know he will accomplish that and God willing next year February I will be travelling to Israel for his work.

I thank God for bringing his servant to Kenya this is because God always has great thoughts in my life as his word tells us and that's why I have decided to surrender all unto him so that God will mould me as He can , help me to keep his word in my heart, since Gods word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

I would like to encourage you all from the book of psalms 135:6 which says the lord does whatever is pleasing to him in heaven and on earth, in sea and in all waters. be blessed....am happy to be in the new anointing church.

Jared Chacha Werema.

Liz I started to die in the flesh and growing in the spirit...

I thank the Almighty father for my salvation and I thank Pastor Magdalene ghati for leading me into salvation, if it wasn't you at this time I could have died out of sexuality, STD but since Jesus was sent to come and heal the sick, and preach the Gospel to the people, immediately Pastor came to Kenya 2010,she led me to Christ and there I started to love God and. wished to be like her! I used to love men, but it started to leave me that urge of having boyfriend, instead I hated any man who was to tell me he loves me, I started to die in the flesh and growing in the spirit .when she came at 2011 he continued to anoint me, one day in kehancha four square church she introduced me in church and said am dying slowly, and that's how I realised that it is not me hating men but is God doing his work!

I am seeing the lords’ hand in my life; my education etc

when God is in your side no man can be against you!!! I am encouraged with that coz my friends who we used to have fun with me are really against me in that they say am going to fall and go back to the world and that gives me a strong heart to stand in the lord my saviour.

My prayer request as my church that I got salvation through the new anointed church! I'd like to request you Pastors to pray for me so that I grow in the lord, thank you and be blessed all.

Elizabeth Nyakebathi


I joined The New Anointing Church in 2009. At first, I used to attend once every three weeks because I was going to a church closer to my home. At that point, my marriage was on the rocks, I was living for conveniences purposes, I was unhappy and it had reached a point of me and my X- husband not talking, it was all arguments in the house, my finances were bad I could not even get credit anywhere. I had done all kinds of chains of prayers and sacrifices but nothing worked.

I decided to commit myself to going to The New Anointing Church. After two weeks of me attending, my life started to turn around. I decided enough is enough after an argument with my X-husband, I went to the council and asked them for a house because I was moving out. I got the house within 5days, which is unheard of. For a council to give somebody a house in such a short time, it couldn’t have been anyone’s doing except the hand of the Lord.

After moving out, my finances changed drastically, everywhere I went I found favour, up to now the Lord has blessed me financially, through difficult times He always sustain me.

I started university and I am still continuing with my education. Where I am with studies, assignment and placements, compared to other students at my school I can honestly say that the Lord has shown me His favour.

Through The New Anointing Church, I managed to go back to my country Kenya and saw my family after many years, it is also through the ministry that I went to places I only heard about. Going to these places was one of my hearts desires, and it has been fulfilled. The most joyous thing about it is that I went to these places for the gospel and not worldly pursuits.

I give God all the glory because I have learnt how to tackle things through prayers, and because my spiritual life has dramatically changed compared to 5 years ago. The prophesies that I received before joining The New Anointing Church fully are coming to pass one at a time. If I were to write all that the Lord has done for me since joining The New Anointing Church, I would write a book..

I urge you all who will come across this testimony to come and let the AMIGHTY GOD, THE GOD OF ISRAEL transform your life before your own eyes.


natalie My name is Natalie Lindsay, and I just want to share with you how blessed I have been and how the Lord has moved so mightily in my life since I joined The New Anointing Church.

When I visited The New Anointing Church, I suffered from severe joint pains which were associated with Systematic Lupus (inflammation of the joints and main organs of the body including the skin). For six years I was constantly in and out of the hospital. I was also having problems obtaining my papers to stay in this country.

At times I felt like giving up but because of my son I held on, praying and hoping that my circumstances would change somehow. Then a friend invited me to this church. The first time I went, Pastor Magdalene called me to the front. I was in a lot of discomfort and she told me that I was not there by mistake I was there for a specific reason. She said God had seen my tears, He has heard my prayers. I have been very patient and He is about to reward that patience. She said to come for seven consecutive Sundays and I will find favour in God’s eyes.

I am not sure what I was expecting to happen, but I kept going and I really started to believe that if my situation was to change I had to truly trust God.

I started to see the changes in my body after about the second week. I noticed my joints weren’t as stiff anymore. I notice little changes in my health and I silently gave God thanks. I never mentioned them because only someone who knew me when I was almost finished would have understood how big these small changes were to the quality of life that I was living. I also realised I wasn’t as dependent on the numerous medication that I was on.

Within those seven weeks, I got a letter from the Home office asking for additional information to compliment my application. I waited almost a year to hear from these people and finally I got confirmation that my papers were passed on for the final decision to be made.

I got the confidence I needed to start college because of the prayers and intercessions of Pastor Magdalene. Because of these prayers, my health became very consistent and the many tests that I do as a result of these illnesses proved what I already knew; I was being healed and my body was being made whole.

In a short time I received my papers, thanks be to God. I sowed a seed when Pastor Magdalene went to Africa. Didn’t realise the power that was behind a simple act like that, but that small seed open doors for me literally and as a result I got my flat.

I have aspirations to be a teacher, maybe I will be a teacher of God’s words instead of a classroom teacher but I have learnt to trust in God to lead me.

I thank God everyday for bringing me to that church, and for allowing me to meet this powerful woman of God. As it says in His words, in His house there is liberty and no one who enters will leave the same. I can testify to that because I am a living testimony.

pepsi My name is Perpetua Abongnelah, The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord Psalm 37:23.

On this famous Sunday the 8th November 2009 my intentions were seeking a house of God where I can dwell with Him, and the Lord directed my footsteps to the door of The New Anointing church. I was given a flyer of another church by a friend upon my request to her and as I tried to locate the church, I saw a poster of the said church on the door of The New Anointing church. As I made my way inside, I realised I was at the wrong house but got touched by the Holy Spirit a few minutes later in this church.

The Holy Spirit ministered to me through the woman of God Pastor Magdalene Ghati about my life’s situation as well as to my 15yrs old daughter who was with me and we thought it was amazing because it was all on the spot what she said to us.

My marriage was on fire, my kids’ lives were messed up as we had petition for a divorce, my husband had lost his job etc. Pastor Magdalene gave me some instructions from the Lord to obey for total restoration in my family. I did obey them of course and God being so faithful “numbers 23:19 God is not a man, that he should lie, neither the son of man, that he should repent”. I got total breakthrough and restoration in my family. I recovered all that was stolen from me by the enemy like David 1 samuel 30:18. my spouse and I came to a consensus and the divorce was cancelled, my daughter got her immigration papers my entire family got saved, my husband got a job. My life has been transformed from Perpetua to being a servant of God etc. It’s been abundant blessings upon blessings from the Lord since then. Every Prophesy in my life came to pass.

It is written; “no one comes in the presence of the Lord and go home the same” it is very true in the New Anointing Church. I have witnessed miracles upon miracles happening by the hands of Pastor Magdalene that I never saw in all the past churches I went to. She is a true friend of Jesus, a woman of God and a Prophetess of God. In this church I have met Jesus face to face. The New Anointing church is a true church of God where His Anointing is new every day. My encouragement to all is that you seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness (Jesus), and all your needs shall be added unto it. Mathew 6:33. He is the creator of all creation. Mathew 11:28 come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and i will give you rest. Come to the New Anointing Church and meet with Jesus and your soul shall be at rest. He did it for me and He will do it for you. He is the same God yesterday, today and forever. Amen. This is my testimony before God as my witness.